Tony Minieri Classes in Cincinnati

Absolutely Needlepoint (7117 Miami Avenue) will have Tony Miieri visiting twice in. 2023 to teach.

From May 16-19, he will be teaching Back to Basics III. “The third installation in the series of classes that comprise Back to Basics The Right Way: Bad Habits Broken Here steps it up a notch. Here the goal is to take all of the techniques and tools reviewed in the first two classes and incorporate them into more difficult stitching. Added embellishment to the canvas through needle lace, cut and drawn work, more blackwork, and the different methods of combining them all will be practiced. Textures, directional stitching, combination of threads, choosing the number of threads based on weight of the stitch, stitches from Brazilian tapestry work, overlapping stitches and more will be covered in this class.

Back to Basics Level III requires completing Back to Basics I and II.

From October 4-6, he will be teaching canvas embellishment. “Canvases are selected in advance of the actual class in order to provide an ample amount of time for Tony’s interpretation and production of the stitch guide. Canvases not purchased from Absolutely Needlepoint will be subject to a $75 charge”

Call the shop to learn more: 513-561-7999

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