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Orna Willis will be offering her first class with Thr Shining Needle Society, Fields of Gold. Here’s the description: “Fields of Gold is an intriguing blend of symmetry and free-form design. The project consists of four triangles which come together to form a diamond. The diamond is then wrapped in a beautiful frame of silk crescent stitches “dancing” around its edges. In each of the four triangles you will find interesting stitches that will challenge you. There are Crescents, Jessicas, weaving, couching, laying of threads, just to name a few of the skills learned in the class. With Orna’s guidance, each of these stitches will be broken down and dissected so that students will learn the tricks to bringing out the best in each stitch. You will learn tips that you will take on with you to any projects you stitch in the future. Orna recommends this project for intermediate stitchers and the ability to read charts is a must.

“This piece is stitched using 32 different threads, the vast majority of them being silk. The luscious threads have rich hues and clever overdyes, and they come to you from Gloriana (Princess Perle), Planet Earth, Access Commodities (Trebizond), Gumnut (stranded silk), and more! The colors are characteristic of Orna: bold and unique with dazzling combinations.”

Registrations close on January 11, 2021.

Learn more here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kmopsnvj27f5sdn/SNS%20Fields%20of%20Gold%20with%20Orna%20Willis%20-%20Final.pdf?dl=0

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