Explore Stitches in Two Online Classes

The Shining Needle Society has an upcoming class taught by Debbie Rowley, Mostly Crescents. Here’s a description of the project, ”

Mostly Crescents is the one of a series of projects focusing on many iterations of one type of stitch. Crescent stitches are twisty stitches most commonly associated with Jean Hilton. All crescents are stitched the same way, and this project explores several different sizes and shapes of crescents. Learn how to stitch these Hilton stitches without constant referring to stitch diagrams, to stitch faster and with greater ease. Students will have the option of four different color ways – grayscale with red accents, monochromatic, bold or pastel. How many variations of crescents can we fit into one project? Some of the crescents include nautilus crescents, crescents with a tail, layered crescents, teardrop crescents, infinity crescents and fleur de lis crescents, along with other crescent shapes. The project is accented with other stitches like waffle stitches and fans. This project can be stitched as companion to Mostly Amadeus and Fandango.”

Registration for both is open until August 9.

For Mostly Crescents, sign up on Debbie’s site: https://debbeesdesigns.com/product/mostly-crescents-class/

A second class, Fandango, is also offered. Registration for this class is also open until August 9. Here’s a description of this class, “Fandango will teach you how to stitch fans, double fans, double fan doubleds, and variations with a thorough grounding in the nature of these fan stitches. Stitch much faster and with fewer errors when you understand the structure of these stitches. Learn to love and not fear these swirly stitches! Students will have the option of four color choices – grayscale with red accents, monochromatic, bold or pastel. We’ll stitch double fans, double fan doubleds, Kitty’s double fan doubled, and plaited rays, with double fan doubleds in different sizes and shapes. Fandango is a companion to Mostly Amadeus and Mostly Crescents. They make a VERY impressive display when hung together!”

For Fandango, sign up on Debbie’s site: https://debbeesdesigns.com/product/fandango-class/

Learn more about the classes here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/c1v2uzvryrwm2q5/SNS%20Mostly%20Crescents%20and%20Fandango%20-%20Final.pdf?dl=0

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