An assortment of threads, copyright Napa Needlepoint

Wool, silk, cotton, or metallic — needlepoint thread is an endlessly fascinating subject. Even so, with so many wonderful threads out there for stitching, it’s easy to get confused. This section of All About Needlepoint is your guide to thread.

In it, you can learn about the different types of needlepoint thread, dye lots, dyeing methods, and fibers (cotton, wool, silk, linen, and metallic).

You can also get overviews of specific types of thread, including:

There are also articles on specific topics dealing with threads, like:

I’ll help you learn how to put together a thread notebook, letting you know how to read a thread label, test drive a thread, and how to make thread substitutions easily.

Finally, you can read reviews of specific threads. I’ve taken the trouble to try out new threads, so you don’t have to. Each thread reviewed here and in the Thread Category of my blog, Nuts about Needlepoint, has information about the thread and ideas for how to use it in your needlepoint. New thread reviews are added to the blog regularly, so check back often.

There are so many threads out there that no needlework store can stock them all, but with the help of All about Needlepoint, you will find lots of needlepoint yarn to try and lots of ideas for using it.