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copyright Napa Needlepoint

Stitches for Needlepoint is more than just a directory of stitches. Here you can delve into the world of needlepoint stitches by learning about scale, compensation, and variation. All stitchers will love the many articles on specific topics, such as the ones mentioned above (they are listed and linked below) and find great ideas and stitch diagrams in the Stitch Dictionary.

Everyone will love being part of the 25 Stitches series which covers stitches for particular uses (backgrounds, clothing, etc.) or variations of a particular stitch, and the articles on specific types of stitches.

Stitch Dictionary

The Stitch Dictionary links you to diagrams and/or information about specific stitches and stitch families. They are classified by type of stitch. If it is a diagram only, that is noted.

Box Stitches

Scotch Stitch: This page includes:

    Scotch Stitch
    Giant Scotch
    Framed Scotch
    Divided Scotch
    Alternating Scotch
    Offset Scotch
    Diagonal Scotch
    Hesitation Stitch

Mosaic Stitch: The smallest box stitch, here you’ll find:

    Mosaic Stitch
    Diagonal Mosaic
    Half Mosaic
    Alternating Mosaic
    Gingham Mosaic
    Offset Mosaic

Cross Stitches

    Interlaced Cross Stitch (diagram)

Diagonal Stitches

    Basketweave, Continental, & Half-Cross Stitch
    Continental Stitch

Straight Stitches

Specialty Stitches

    Overcast & Binding Stitches
    French Knots

Stitches for Effect

These articles cover the use of stitches and threads for a particular needlepoint effect. They go step-by-step through what stitches and threads to choose to make this effect on canvas. Often we don’t think about how stitches for needlepoint can clearly define the texture of something. These articles will help you do that.


Unless the article is a live link (underlined and in a different color), the article is not yet available. I’m working as fast as I can to get these on the site for you.

    Types of Needlepoint Stitches
    Making Stitch Variations
    Choosing Stitches
    Free Patterns Featuring Stitches
    Needlepoint Damask

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