Finishing Needlepoint

needlepoint bracelet

Voila bracelet, photo copyright Napa Needlepoint

Finishing needlepoint is probably the one topic I get asked about the most. If you are like me, and most stitchers I know, you stitch WAY more stuff than you make into objects,

For some it is the expense of finishing. For others, it’s lack of ideas.

All about Needlepoint is here to help. I’ll provide useful articles on a range of topics including how to block needlepoint, overcast stitch, and measuring items for needlepoint.

I’m also going to provide you with tips for making needlepoint which is easy to frame and instructions to do it yourself (and where to buy frames and frame components inexpensively).

Have you wanted to try some of the self-finishing items for needlepoint? I’ll provide you with tips as well as some other items you can self-finish.

If there are great tutorials out on the Internet for other items, I’ll let you know about them.

And I’ll also let you know about great ideas for making your needlepoint into beautiful finished pieces.