trubbey needlepoint nativity

Trubbey needlepoint nativity, photo copyright Napa Needlepoint

Christmas Needlepoint, those two words just seem to fit together for many stitchers. I know they do for me. Not only do I love Christmas and decorating for it, but by happy accident it has become the focus of much of my stitching.

Shortly after we married my DH, Steve, commented to me that he didn’t really like looking at needlepoint pillows all the time. He wondered if I could mostly stitch something that he would only have to see sometimes.

We decided upon Christmas ornaments and a mild obsession was born. I stitch ornaments all the time. Each year there is one for each kid, one for Steve, and one for me. Sometimes they all get more than one. Then there are other cool things I stitch.

And the requisite needlepoint Christmas stocking for each person in the family. And the other cool things.

In this section, we’ll explore needlepoint and Christmas, you’ll learn about ways to finish ornaments, see pictures of great Christmas pieces, learn about how to incorporate stitching into your holiday celebrations, and you’ll find wonderful projects and ideas to stitch.

So have fun and like Scrooge, keep Christmas in your heart all year long.

Christmas Decor – Free Patterns
Decorating for Christmas with Needlepoint

Needlepoint Christmas Ornaments

Free Mini-sock and mitten patterns
Free Ornament Patterns


Finishing a Mini-sock – A classic article from The Caron Collection, shows you step-by-step how to finish a mini-sock as an open stocking. Follow this same process to finish a full-size stocking.
Ornament or Stand-up – An easy way to turn any stuffed ornament with a flat bottom into something you can enjoy all year long.
Box ornament using foam – Use a foam center to make ornaments that look like boxes.
Covered Button Ornaments – Use a large size button form to make these fast and easy
Diamond ornament – Folded canvas makes a fast finish
Padded board – this tried and true method works for ornaments which don’t need to last forever.
Framed Ornament – Use small picture frames to make charming ornaments.

Needlepoint Christmas Decorations

Needlepoint for Gifts
Last Minute Needlepoint Gifts

I hope you find many wonderful ideas for making and enjoying Christmas needlepoint.

Merry Christmas!