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Folded Diamond Christmas Ornament

June 13, 2016Uncategorized Standard

For a Christmas needlepoint ornament, I love diamond-shaped ones. Not only is their shape unusual, but they are so easy to finish, using threads in your stash. The result is a slightly puffy diamond, sometimes called a hollow balloon. The pictured ornament is a free design from Judy Harper. The one pictured here is oneRead more

Mounting your Canvas

June 9, 2016Uncategorized Standard

Preparing the Canvas Preparing a canvas for needlepoint is a simple process. The first step is to bind the edges of the canvas. Binding covers the rough edges of the canvas so that they will not snag your threads or scratch your hands. There are several ways to bind canvas, all work well. First,you canRead more

Everything about the “New Old” Craft of Needlepoint

May 29, 2016Uncategorized Standard

Needlepoint can be as hip as the latest designs in magazines, or it can be a timeless as an Old Master painting — it’s up to you! Are you looking for a way to make clean modern designs with a retro feel? Do you want to make accessories for your traditional home? Have you wantedRead more