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Pearl, or Perle, Cotton

August 13, 2016Threads Standard

A commonly used needlepoint thread, we tend to forget Pearl (perle) Cotton in the bustle of trying new threads and fibers. But it is a real workhorse, coming in many colors and adaptable to all kinds of uses. Pearl cotton is made from mercerized cotton, so it has a bright sheen. Made from two softRead more

Thread Notebook

July 14, 2016Threads Standard

A useful tool you can make yourself is a needlepoint thread directory. This notebook becomes a kind of “book of all knowledge” and reference for information about the threads you use. For each thread you should have a page or half page. Include on it, the name of the thread, the fiber content, the type,Read more

Types of Needlepoint Thread

July 14, 2016Threads Standard

The easiest way to classify a needlepoint thread is by its shape. In stitching you can most easily substitute one thread with another thread of the same shape (or type). All needlepoint thread of the same type will share characteristics which affect the overall look of your stitches. For example, round threads, whether they areRead more

Shine & Texture in Threads

June 13, 2016Threads Standard

Needlepoint thread has three aspects that need to be considered in making a thread choice — color, thickness, and texture. The first two are easy. Either the color is the one you want or not, and either the thread is thin enough and sturdy enough to go through the canvas or not. The last one,Read more

Stripping Threads

This How to Do Needlepoint summary covers needlepoint threads, how to strip them and reassemble the bundles. Because many needlepoint threads come in multi-stranded bundles, this makes for smoother, better-looking stitching. Decide how many strands you will need for your stitching, It may be some or all of the bundle. Take your length of threadRead more

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