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How to Stitch Bargello Needlepoint

Bargello Needlepoint is almost always made from straight stitches going over a number of threads, usually four. Thee pattern is made by proceeding in steps up a usually a fixed number of threads. More than one stitch can be on the same step, making a horizontal line of stitches. To make a Bargello stitch bringRead more

Straight Gobelin

July 14, 2016Stitches Standard

Gobelin Stitch is the family name for needlepoint stitches which are longer than one thread and are not part of Cross or Box Stitches. They can be upright, Straight Gobelin, slanted on the true diagonal, Diagonal Gobelin, or, slanted along another diagonal, making an oblique stitch. Straight Gobelin can be any length you like asRead more

How to Miter Corners

Mitred corners can be a problem for beginning needepoint. For years I hated having to figure out the correct diagonal line which would make the design meet perfectly. And a border design which went around a corner — forget it (I still don’t like these AT ALL!). But sometimes you cannot avoid having to makeRead more

How to Stitch Needlepoint

June 13, 2016Beginning Needlepoint, Stitches Standard

To learn how to do needlepoint, you should begin by learning Tent Stitch, the basic needlepoint stitch. It covers one intersection of thread, slanting from upper right to lower left (/). All three kinds of Tent Stitch: Half Cross, Continental, and Basketweave look the same from the front but look different from the back. AlthoughRead more

Stitching Waves

June 13, 2016Stitches Standard

Breaking waves along a shore, a lovely seashore needlepoint. The transition from the glassy sea to the crashing waves. Dramatic, right? But how do you render it in needlepoint so that it looks good and is easy to stitch? Begin by stitching the calm sea. You’ll want thread with some shine (pearl cotton?) and long,Read more

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