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Needlepoint Damask

August 18, 2016Needlepoint Techniques, Stitches Standard

When there is so much from which to choose, what needlepoint background stitches do you use? Sometimes a textured stitch is too much, but plain old Tent Stitch is too dull and looks too flat. One solution often used, especially in the 70’s, was Tent Stitch patterns in two different colors. To our eyes, theRead more

Overcast Stitch & Binding Stitch

August 18, 2016Stitches Standard

Use the Overcast Stitch, above, to join two pieces of needlepoint together with a seam which will not show on the finished piece Essentially this stitch is a kind of seam which joins together two pieces of needlepoint. There are two methods of making this stitch. One looks like a big Tent Stitch and theRead more

French Knots

August 17, 2016Stitches Standard

French Knots have not been one of my favorite stitches for needlepoint, I must admit. I’m never sure if I’m doing them correctly, I always worry they will pull through, or have loops where the knot should be tight. Or something else. If you are like me, then there is plenty of help there onRead more

Mosaic Stitch

August 13, 2016Stitches Standard

Mosaic Stitch is the smallest form of Box Stitch, made up of just three stitches. It and the diagonal version of it are some of the most popular stitches in needlepoint. Because it is small, it can be used in many areas in needlepoint projects. Because it is square, it’s easy to vary it byRead more

Scotch Stitch

July 15, 2016Stitches Standard

Scotch Stitch is one of the three basic block stitches. It consists of at least five stitches creating a square, like this: You can vary this stitch in so many ways. You can make it bigger: You can put it into a frame of Continental Stitches, creating Framed Scotch Stitch. You can divide up someRead more

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