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Perspective in Needlepoint

August 18, 2016Beginning Needlepoint, Learn Needlepoint Standard

This needlepoint instruction will serve as a guide to help you make good choices of stitches and color to give an impression of space in needlepoint. Achieving perspective in drawing is hard (I never got the hang of it), but taking something painted or drawn for you and making the choices to enhance the perspectiveRead more

How to Miter Corners

Mitred corners can be a problem for beginning needepoint. For years I hated having to figure out the correct diagonal line which would make the design meet perfectly. And a border design which went around a corner — forget it (I still don’t like these AT ALL!). But sometimes you cannot avoid having to makeRead more

Adapt Embroidery Patterns

June 2, 2016Adaptation, Learn Needlepoint Standard

This needlepoint instruction will help you identify line drawings intended for embroidery suitable for needlepoint. With the renewed interest in free embroidery (embroidery on a on-counted ground or fabric), you can find lots of pretty cool free patterns intended to transfer onto a piece of fabric. But you can just as easily transfer them ontoRead more