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Foam Box Ornaments

June 8, 2016Christmas, Finishing Standard

Looking for a unique way to finish Christmas needlepoint ornaments? If the stitching is square or rectangular, why not finish them as boxes. I originally saw this at Needlepoint, Inc, a San Francisco shop, where it was used to finish little flag ornaments. They were finished as rectangles about 1/2″ thick, with fabric for theRead more

Finish Standing Needlepoint

June 8, 2016Finishing Standard

One popular way of finishing needlepoint is to make it into a standing objects. Standing needlepoint can be made in any shape or size. They can be small or large, used as needlepoint Christmas ornaments or can stand on tables or floors as decoration. They can even be doorstops. All are made the same way.Read more

Ornament to Stand-up Conversion

June 8, 2016Christmas, Finishing Standard

Right now sitting on my desk are lots of Christmas needlepoint ornaments. One of them, Petei’s Alice in Wonderland, could be a stand-up except for one thing – I can’t hide the hanger. But finisher Susan Thompson has developed a unique solution for this problem. Her small stand-ups can double as ornaments, or is itRead more

Frames for Needlepoint

June 8, 2016Finishing Standard

When I go into a store I find myself wondering what kinds of frames for needlepoint I should buy. I have so much needlepoint stitched but not finished, that getting a nice frame and finishing it makes for a good gift. But not all frames are created equal. There are some things you should lookRead more

Measuring & Making a Needlepoint Footstool

June 8, 2016Finishing Standard

Making a needlepoint footstool looks as if it should be as easy as stitching a pillow — but it’s not. In order to make a design which will completely cover a puffy space — like a chair seat, a footstool, or a bench, you need to do more than just measure the frame size. SinceRead more

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