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Perspective in Needlepoint

August 18, 2016Beginning Needlepoint, Learn Needlepoint Standard

This needlepoint instruction will serve as a guide to help you make good choices of stitches and color to give an impression of space in needlepoint. Achieving perspective in drawing is hard (I never got the hang of it), but taking something painted or drawn for you and making the choices to enhance the perspectiveRead more

Scale in Needlepoint

August 17, 2016Beginning Needlepoint Standard

You’re beginning needlepoint, you’ve found a design you love, but it’s the wrong size. What do you do now? Don’t give up! There are simple tricks you can use to change the scale of the design by changing the mesh size of the canvas or by substituting one stitch for another. In this beginning needlepointRead more

How to Stitch Bargello Needlepoint

Bargello Needlepoint is almost always made from straight stitches going over a number of threads, usually four. Thee pattern is made by proceeding in steps up a usually a fixed number of threads. More than one stitch can be on the same step, making a horizontal line of stitches. To make a Bargello stitch bringRead more

How to Transfer a Drawing to Canvas to Make your own Design

Needlepoint creation frees you to make any design you like. By learning how to transfer line drawings to canvas, you can accomplish this with ease. The most difficult thing is finding a picture you like which has clear outlines and not too much detail. Once you have that, the whole process takes about 15 minutes.Read more

Blank Needlepoint Canvas

June 19, 2016Beginning Needlepoint, Supplies Standard

Blank needlepoint canvas is the basis of all our stitching. Picking the correct type of canvas for your project can make your finished work sing. Picking the wrong canvas can make the end result misshapen, discolored, or worse. There are three main types of blank needlepoint canvas: mono canvas, interlock canvas, and penelope canvas. TheRead more

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