Beginning Needlepoint

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Cat’s Cradle canvas, photo copyright Napa Needlepoint

How to Do Needlepoint

Beginning Needlepoint, that’s where I stood when I saw the kit in a magazine. It was September 1970, just before I turned 14. My parents bought the needlepoint kit for me, and my grandmother showed me how to make the stitch.

That’s it!

I was off and running and you can be too — just about that fast.
Start by taking the FREE email needlepoint class, Right from the Beginning, beginning needlepoint, with basic needlepoint instruction, and a free project for starting your stitching. Over 2000 people have learned needlepoint with this comprehensive course.

Once you’ve stitched a project, learn more in the Introduction to Needlepoint, which gives you tips for other needlepoint projects and kits to make. (Coming soon)

There are lots of great free projects so you can learn more about needlepoint from these designers.

You can also find lots of articles which will help you select threads, projects, finish your stitched items, and lots more.

As the site grows I’ll be adding more features to help you learn. These will include beginners forum, a needlepoint mentor program, and a list of free needlepoint designs just for beginners.

Starting Needlepoint

These are all articles about specific topics on interest to needlepoint beginners. Just click on any of them to read the article and learn more.

How to Do Needlepoint Step-by-steps

These quick summaries give you step-by-step instructions in a compact form.