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What Is Petitpoint?

June 19, 2016Needlepoint Techniques Standard

Petitpoint is a term used for needlepoint which is done on a canvas with a higher mesh count (more threads = smaller holes). When I first started doing needlepoint, the size we consider standard (18 mesh mono canvas) was thought of as petitpoint. Although much hand painted needlepoint canvas is on 18 mesh, other thingsRead more

Parts of a Stitch Guide

June 19, 2016Stitch Guides Standard

Needlepoint Stitch Guides can be confusing at first. Understanding the parts of a guide and why they are there can help you find your way when stitching from one and help you know if the product you have bought will make it easier to stitch the canvas. Picture: A guide with a picture of theRead more

Blank Needlepoint Canvas

June 19, 2016Beginning Needlepoint, Supplies Standard

Blank needlepoint canvas is the basis of all our stitching. Picking the correct type of canvas for your project can make your finished work sing. Picking the wrong canvas can make the end result misshapen, discolored, or worse. There are three main types of blank needlepoint canvas: mono canvas, interlock canvas, and penelope canvas. TheRead more

Quality Needlepoint Canvases

June 19, 2016Beginning Needlepoint, Canvases Standard

Painted, Computer Printed, Screened, or Printed How do you find quality needlepoint canvases, whether they are part of a needlepoint kit or by themselves? The description of the canvas may say it is hand painted canvas, silk screened, computer printed, or it may say nothing at all, leaving it up to you to figure itRead more

How to Repair a Hole in the Canvas

June 19, 2016Beginning Needlepoint Standard

It’s a question which perplexes those beginning needlepoint. It makes us all cautious if we cut out threads. But sooner or later you will encounter the problem — you’ve cut a hole in the canvas. How do you repair it? There are two ways to fix the problem, depending on how large the hole is.Read more