Sending in Finishing?

Many finishers are still working and many shops are accepting finishing. But since we can’t go into shops, we have to figure out other ways to convey our wishes. I’ve combined tips from many shops for sending in your finishing.

Whether you drop off or send in your finishing follow these tips:

  • Put each piece in a separate plastic bag. Include your name, email, phone, and address on a card with each piece.
  • If your shop has a finishing form, print it and fill it out for each piece
  • If you do not have a form, include as much detail as possible about the finishing: hat type of item, whether you need cording, where the hanger should be (for ornaments), and any special requests
  • Supplying your own fabric. Be sure to include it in the same bag with the needlepoint and note this.
  • Include a written description of the piece on each finishing form.

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