Free Beginning Needlepoint Course

Do you or a friend want to learn needlepoint? Join almost 2500 other folks who have taken my free email course, Right from the Beginning.

You’ll learn the basics of needlepoint, basic and textured stitches, and complete two projects.

Best of all, it’s completely FREE!

Sign up today for the most popular beginning needlepoint course.

All about Needlepoint

Looking for needlepoint information where you don’t have to search?

Try All about Needlepoint to find information in a clean clear format.

Stitchers have praised Janet: “As a beginner I learned so much from you and also other more advanced stitchers. It was a great experience.” – former student

You can find great information at All about Needlepoint.

Books & Info on Amazon

Through Amazon’s services for authors, you can find links to my books (including Kindle books), my blog, reviews and more. Find me at Janet Perry Needlepoint.

Technique Sites

I have two sites that are dedicated to specific techniques.

Needlepoint Plaids has information about stitching tartan and other plaids in needlepoint. It also has options for ordering birthday plaids, charted tartans, and custom tartans for needlepoint or cross stitch.

Needlepoint Stitch Guides has information about Stitch Guides, links to free stitch guides, and opportunities for buying my stitch guides or ordering custom stitch guides.

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