Bargello Revisited cover, copyright Napa Needlepoint

Alone and in conjunction with Art Needlepoint, Janet M. Perry has several books available that will improve your needlepoint as well as teach you new techniques.

See what others say about these books
“[Janet] offers fantastic tips on everything from where to find design ideas (your favorite lifestyle magazine is a great place to start!), to color choices (a good color wheel is invaluable), to how to finish your completed canvas easily and inexpensively.” 5-star review, Needlepoint Trade Secrets
“Thank you so much for your wonderful books, and contribution to our world of needlepoint.” – from Facebook comment
“If you are a needlepointer you will love reading this book! It is fun and easy to read and packed full of great ideas.” 5-star review, Needlepoint Trade Secrets
“This amazing book helped me with stitch selections and the more difficult bit of how to apply different stitches to my canvases. No single book has helped me more than this and it’s companion book.” 5-star review, How to Stitch Beginner Landscapes Realistically
“This book is a must-have for stitchers at any level.” 5-star review, Bargello Revisited
Finding Janet’s books
A complete list of books (including shopping cart) can be found on the Napa Needlepoint site.

These books can also be ordered from Amazon.

They are available for shops to resell. Please contact Janet for more information on this.

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