Are you looking for needlepoint that is unstuffy, that helps you learn how to do your own thing, and teaches you new stitches and techniques?

Do you want to discover needlepoint that while relaxing, shows off the creativity you know you have?

Are you tired of paying high prices for classes and stitch guides that don’t suit you?

Napa Needlepoint was founded to be a different kind of needlepoint company, one that is centered on YOU.

A cornerstone principle of Napa Needlepoint is that great needlepoint projects and classes should be affordable to anyone. To learn how to create your own stitch guide shouldn’t need a $300 class fee, a $220 canvas purchase, and $300 worth of threads. It should be something that meets you where you are, using your canvases, your likes, and your threads to create something beautiful. Something that reflects you, not the teacher.

Another principle is that you can create great art from any needlepoint canvas with the knowledge, techniques and stitches at hand. We help you by making hard techniques easy. You’ll learn ways to apply what you know to create unique pieces, and you’ll learn new techniques you might have thought were only for advanced stitchers. I’ll bend over backwards to help you understand and use what you know.

Needlepoint is always a conversation, principally between you, the stitcher, and the designer. That canvas, no matter how beautiful it is, isn’t finished until you stitch it. No matter what stitches and threads you use, whether it is simple or fancy, you gave added your ideas to the design and, in doing so, created art.

Learn what others are saying about Janet M. Perry and Napa Needlepoint

  • “[Y]our e-books, lessons and training materials are wonderful–you share so much knowledge and expertise–I am a big fan!” — N, after purchasing project packs
  • “Your expertise, advice, and hard work have enhanced my needlework across an entire country.” — A, former student
  • “I started the class not knowing where to begin when looking at a painted canvas, but thanks to Janet, I feel a little more confident. I still have to print out all the lessons and comments and reread everything, but I’m ready to tackle a small, simple canvas and already have ideas. The class taught me how to analyze a canvas, which I’ve never thought about before.” — A, after taking the DIY Stitch Guide class
  • “I guess above all I have gained Confidence, confidence with a capital C. . . .And with this new found confidence has come incredible motivation.” — A, stitch guide client & private student
  • “In 41 years of needlepointing, no one has ever taught me more about how to needlepoint than you.” — M, student in multiple classes
  • “[I] will employ the lessons offered over and over again” — R, on the DIY Stitch Guide class
  • “I subscribed to your online magazine also and appreciate that you keep costs in mind.” — J. beginning needlepointer
  • “Your designs and directions are so lovely.” –K, after buying several projects
  • “You do beautiful work and I am so enjoying these designs.” — L, Bargello club member
  • “And let me add how much I’m enjoying your newsletters. . . . It always lightens my spirit to turn to needlepoint topics. Thank you for the information you share with us.” –C, blog reader

About Napa Needlepoint

I have long had a dream of publishing a needlepoint magazine. In the mid-90’s when there were none, I looked into this and gave up on the rocky shoals of dealing with printers and the Post Office.

Little did I know that the tool of my professional life, the Internet, was to become the way to achieve my dream.

When I discovered About.com in 1996 and became their original and most prolific Needlepoint Guide, I saw this as a way to do the things I loved — teaching, writing about needlepoint, and designing projects — without having to deal with the difficulties that killed my print magazine dream.

Since then I have worked hard to offer you, as needlepointers, access to the widest range of information, classes, and projects, all delivered through that wonderful tool, the Internet. And to give it at prices that anyone can afford instead of the three-figure projects and classes that are so widespread these days.

Napa Needlepoint, my independent company, was founded in September 2001, as a place for my publishing, designing and teaching adventures. Today our business is run from my studio in Northern California and provides material for stitchers at all levels.

About Janet M. Perry

I was lucky enough to start my needlepoint life in 1970, just as it was becoming more popular. It was only a few days before my 14th birthday when I saw a needlepoint project in a magazine & persuaded my parents to buy it for me. Happily they had it at my local shop, where I became a regular customer until I moved to California.

Because my Mom is an artist and because I have always loved color and thread, two things have been true about my needlepoint: I will stitch with anything that can go through a needle and I love to try new things and figure out how to do them more quickly and easily.

With my Mom’s help I designed my first project at 15. I was changing colors and adapting ideas with my third needlepoint project.

I stitched my way through high school, college, and graduate school.

After moving to Northern California in 1980, I sought out places where I could find (or dye) unusual threads and yarns to incorporate them into my needlepoint.

I continued to stitch during my busy professional life and while raising my three children, coming to specialize in smaller projects that are easy to take along with you.

I’m lucky enough to have lived in or near the Napa Valley since 1990 and this beautiful place inspires me every day. I design and write from my home on an island in the Northeast corner of San Francisco Bay, where my husband, son, and two cats are my best critics.

I’m always planning the next project while I work on one of many WIPs (Works in Progress).

I hope you’ll join me in learning and enjoying needlepoint by visiting my blog, Nuts about Needlepoint.

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