to a World of Needlepoint

Do you ever feel as if there were needlepoint police looking over your shoulder?


You’ve heard it all before:

You aren’t supposed to . . .

    That technique is too hard for you.
    Needlepoint is just some thing grandmother did; it’s just for old people.
    You have to have lots of money to do needlepoint.
    I could never do needlepoint, you need so much patience.
    The only needlepoint out there is in dull colors and all one stitch — BORING!

And not one of these things is true and I’m here to break those misconceptions about needlepoint. Needlepoint today is vibrant, creative, resourceful, and easier than ever to do.

It’s my goal to break those preconceptions about needlepoint with information, classes and products. Whether you want to learn needlepoint or if you are an old hand and are looking to increase your knowledge, I’m here to help.

People have called me “The Needlepoint Guru.” Not only do I want to teach by sharing my knowledge with you, I also want to spread the word to everyone that

Needlepoint is a new, old art that’s has something for everyone.

This site is the gateway to my many different needlepoint ventures and activities. From here you can:

take an email class, some that are free and all are low-cost
stay up-to-date on needlepoint news
learn more through my popular blog, Nuts about Needlepoint
apply creative techniques to needlepoint through my books

buy projects and stitch guides designed for stitchers at every level (especially beginning stitchers)
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