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Directional Light

June 7, 2016Stitches, Threads Standard

You may have wondered why does the color of my needlepoint thread change when the direction of the stitch changes. This aspect of some threads is called directional light. The reasons for it have to do with the way light reflects of the surface of some fibers. In these threads, change the direction of theRead more

Cotton Threads

June 7, 2016Threads Standard

There are so many needlepoint fibers out there, that sometimes I wonder what we used to do. When I first started stitching the fiber of choice was wool. These days that seems like the Dark Ages, but it was about 45 years ago. When I first wanted to try something in perle cotton (this wasRead more

Colorfast Testing for Needlepoint Threads

June 7, 2016Threads Standard

Testing to see if a needlepoint thread is colorfast can keep a beautiful piece from being ruined when blocked using water. Many threads (especially hand-dyed ones) are not fast and will run if wet blocked. It’s easy to do and will take less than 30 minutes. Here’s How: Remove your thread from its packaging andRead more

Deciphering Watercolour Dyelots

June 4, 2016Threads Standard

Changing dyelots in needlepoint thread, can be a real problem. While it’s relatively easy to deal with them when using solid colored threads (see the page on changing dyelots) They can be a real pain when using overdyes such as Watercolours. I’ve done pieces, before I knew this trick, where the change was so apparentRead more

Building your Needlepoint Thread Stash

June 4, 2016Threads Standard

Do you have have more needlepoint thread than you need? You aren’t alone. That stockpile of thread is called your “stash.” Some people, like me, have enough stash to keep me stitching forever. Other people buy thread only or the current project and have small stashes of odds and ends of thread. But there areRead more

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