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Thick Silk/Wool Blends

June 9, 2016Threads Standard

Needlepoint threads and luxury are not often terms you put together in the same sentence, But with thicker silk/wool blends, it’s the phrase which comes to mind. These threads are so soft and so smooth, that they are positively addicting — you almost want to keep one close to pet it! Combining silk and woolRead more

Linen Thread

June 9, 2016Threads Standard

A lovely needlepoint thread, linen is one of my favorite fibers, whether for clothing or for stitching. Made from the stems of the flax plant, linen is one of our oldest kinds of cloths, there have been examples of linen cloth found in ancient Egyptian tombs. Linen can be spun and woven into many differentRead more


This needlepoint instruction shows you how to do clumping, an easy way to use hand-dyed and overdyed threads. Areas done in clumping are done in two passes, the first pass is easiest to do in Continental, while the second pass can be done in Basketweave or Continental. In the samples, I have used a shadeRead more

Finishes in Kreinik Metallics

June 8, 2016Threads Standard

Metallic needlepoint thread from Kreinik is justly popular among stitchers. There are so many sizes and colors, you can stitch and entire piece in metallics and still get lots of variation in shading. But often it’s confusing to understand the finishes of this line and what the letters after the numbers mean. Here’s a quickRead more

Handling a Dyelot Change

June 8, 2016Threads Standard

I discovered this needlepoint thread problem after I had been stitching only a couple of years. I was making a pillow for my friend Dot. It was a big red dot on a white background. I stitched for awhile and then I ran out of white thread. I went back to the store and boughtRead more

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