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Needlepoint Stand Alternatives

August 13, 2016Supplies Standard

For many a needlepoint stand, whether it sits on the table or on the floor, can be a real problem. They are bulky and expensive and often require lots of work to use. However there are a couple of alternatives which you should consider as lower cost and more compact solutions. The first possibility isRead more

Needlepoint Frames, Stretcher Bars

August 13, 2016Supplies Standard

A needlepoint frame helps keep your needlepoint straight. Because it stretches the needlepoint, it is easier to stitch and allows you to use a stand to hold it. Stretcher bars are outstanding and inexpensive needlepoint tools for keeping your stitching tight and undistorted. There are three main types of stretcher bars. Standard Bars are availableRead more

Needlepoint Floor Stands

August 13, 2016Supplies Standard

Needlepoint floor stands are such a help to stitching. They hold your work securely, they free both hands to work, and they can display the needlepoint beautifully when you aren’t working. But, all too often, your first stand isn’t right for you and you end up hating it. Using the wrong stand (in other wordsRead more

Blank Needlepoint Canvas

June 19, 2016Beginning Needlepoint, Supplies Standard

Blank needlepoint canvas is the basis of all our stitching. Picking the correct type of canvas for your project can make your finished work sing. Picking the wrong canvas can make the end result misshapen, discolored, or worse. There are three main types of blank needlepoint canvas: mono canvas, interlock canvas, and penelope canvas. TheRead more

Needle Holders

June 13, 2016Supplies Standard

Needlepoint accessories are as varied as can be. But I love the way needle holders are so easy to buy or make, and can add a pretty bit of color to your needlepoint as you work. I must admit I’m as guilty as anybody. Right now as I type this, my current needle is parkedRead more

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