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Quality Needlepoint Canvases

June 19, 2016Beginning Needlepoint, Canvases Standard

Painted, Computer Printed, Screened, or Printed How do you find quality needlepoint canvases, whether they are part of a needlepoint kit or by themselves? The description of the canvas may say it is hand painted canvas, silk screened, computer printed, or it may say nothing at all, leaving it up to you to figure itRead more

Deciphering Stitch Guides

When you buy needlepoint stitch guides, especially if you are ordering them on-line, you sometimes feel as if you aren’t getting what you expected. The guide comes, you look at that pile of threads, read through the guide, look at the canvas and have no idea where to begin. Relax, take a deep breath, itRead more

Collecting Needlepoint

June 6, 2016Canvases Standard

Hand painted canvas needlepoint, like most other things to do with our hobbies, tend to become collections. I’m as guilty of this as anyone else. I am a great collector of other things (china swans, milk glass, rose bowls, little boxes, etc.) but for a long time, it had never even occurred to me toRead more

Choosing Backgrounds

June 6, 2016Canvases Standard

One of the hardest parts of stitching hand painted canvas needlepoint is finding the perfect background. This article will help you evaluate different choices for background stitches and make suggestions for what will work. Aspects of Stitches All stitching has three aspects which need to be considered when evaluating them for backgrounds. They are texture,Read more

How Do I Change Colors?

June 6, 2016Canvases Standard

Often you find a hand painted canvas needlepoint you love, but some of the colors aren’t right. The hair color is wrong. Pink just won’t go in the room, or you hate green. Don’t pass on the canvas, you can change the colors easily. Hair and skin colors are the easiest to change. For hair,Read more