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Adapting Filet Crochet

August 18, 2016Adaptation Standard

The easiest form of needlepoint instruction for adapting other crafts is when the craft is charted and done with square stitches. Charted Crochet on a hooked grid, known as Filet Crochet, fits the bill perfectly, as you can see by the needlepoint adaptation above. This technique uses charts with the symbols for the solid stitchesRead more

Creating a Needlepoint Plaid

August 17, 2016Adaptation Standard

This needlepoint instruction shows you how to adapt any plaid to stitching. Plaids are so easy to turn into needlepoint. All plaids, especially symmetrical ones, such as tartans, make wonderful needlepoint. First we’ll talk about plaids and how they are constructed, then we’ll cover how to turn that into needlepoint. Before I learned the secretRead more

Quit Patterns

August 17, 2016Adaptation Standard

Inspire your stitching with the needlepoint instruction on adapting quilt blocks. The clean geometry of patchwork quilt blocks is an unending source of inspiration for creating lovely needlepoint.With the most common patch shapes being squares and half-square triangles, there is so much you can do with stitch and stitch patterns which mimic fabric. Begin byRead more

Adapting Stained Glass to Needlepoint

July 14, 2016Adaptation Standard

In this needlepoint instruction, you’ll learn how easy it is to adapt stained glass patterns to needlepoint. Not only are these patterns perfect to adapt, available in all kinds of styles; they are easy to find and inexpensive. I’ve been stitching needlepoint from stained glass patterns for over 35 years and I never tire ofRead more

Fair Isle Knitting

June 2, 2016Adaptation Standard

Fair Isle charts are a wonderful source of ideas, This needlepoint instruction shows you just how easy it is to do. I have long been a fan of Fair Isle knitting (it must be the inner preppy coming out). So a couple of years ago when I saw a couturier sweater in Fair Isle patternsRead more

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