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Last Minute Gifts

June 9, 2016Christmas Standard

It’s almost mid-December and, no matter what I do, panic sets in about Christmas needlepoint gifts. You’re probably like me and so I want to share with you some of my ideas for making quick needlepoint for gifts. A small needlepoint box or picture frame is fun to do. One of my favorite sources forRead more

Foam Box Ornaments

June 8, 2016Christmas, Finishing Standard

Looking for a unique way to finish Christmas needlepoint ornaments? If the stitching is square or rectangular, why not finish them as boxes. I originally saw this at Needlepoint, Inc, a San Francisco shop, where it was used to finish little flag ornaments. They were finished as rectangles about 1/2″ thick, with fabric for theRead more

Ornament to Stand-up Conversion

June 8, 2016Christmas, Finishing Standard

Right now sitting on my desk are lots of Christmas needlepoint ornaments. One of them, Petei’s Alice in Wonderland, could be a stand-up except for one thing – I can’t hide the hanger. But finisher Susan Thompson has developed a unique solution for this problem. Her small stand-ups can double as ornaments, or is itRead more

Christmas Needlepoint Decorating Ideas

June 8, 2016Christmas Standard

Christmas needlepoint doesn’t have to be limited to the stockings hung by your chimney or even to lovingly stitched ornaments on your tree. Because of my passion for needlepoint ornaments I have lots of ornaments to use in interesting ways. Here are some ideas: Ornament from an Outside Light Do you have a covered andRead more

Covered Button Ornament

June 7, 2016Christmas, Finishing Standard

Making a Christmas needlepoint ornament using a covered button form is so easy and fun, you’ll be able to make tons of ornaments even if it is early December! Begin by buying the largest size (Size 100) of button forms to make covered buttons. They are about 2.5” in diameter. You can finish it eitherRead more