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How Much Thread Do I Need?

For all stitchers, not just those beginning needlepoint, the question of how much thread to buy is perplexing. Yes, there are “formulas,” but they don’t take into account stitches, whether you ply the thread, or even your stitching style. Each of these things can make a difference in how much thread you need. Here isRead more


This needlepoint instruction shows you how to do clumping, an easy way to use hand-dyed and overdyed threads. Areas done in clumping are done in two passes, the first pass is easiest to do in Continental, while the second pass can be done in Basketweave or Continental. In the samples, I have used a shadeRead more

Deciphering Stitch Guides

When you buy needlepoint stitch guides, especially if you are ordering them on-line, you sometimes feel as if you aren’t getting what you expected. The guide comes, you look at that pile of threads, read through the guide, look at the canvas and have no idea where to begin. Relax, take a deep breath, itRead more

The Value of Value

June 6, 2016Beginning Needlepoint, color Standard

I learned just how important the value in needlepoint color can be the hard way. I had planned an elaborate sampler, featuring two color families of Persian wool (raspberry and French blue). Each block in the sampler was going to feature two different colors in many different patterns. But as I stitched the colors whichRead more

Needlepoint Background Color Choice

June 6, 2016Beginning Needlepoint Standard

Far too often we stick with a safe color choice for a needlepoint background. How many pieces have you done which use ivory or ecru for a background instead of an almost-white pastel? How many Victorian style pillows have you seen with black or wine-colored backgrounds instead of charcoal or deep green? Your choice ofRead more

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