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Quality Needlepoint Canvases

June 19, 2016Beginning Needlepoint, Canvases Standard

Painted, Computer Printed, Screened, or Printed How do you find quality needlepoint canvases, whether they are part of a needlepoint kit or by themselves? The description of the canvas may say it is hand painted canvas, silk screened, computer printed, or it may say nothing at all, leaving it up to you to figure itRead more

How to Repair a Hole in the Canvas

June 19, 2016Beginning Needlepoint Standard

It’s a question which perplexes those beginning needlepoint. It makes us all cautious if we cut out threads. But sooner or later you will encounter the problem — you’ve cut a hole in the canvas. How do you repair it? There are two ways to fix the problem, depending on how large the hole is.Read more

How to Miter Corners

Mitred corners can be a problem for beginning needepoint. For years I hated having to figure out the correct diagonal line which would make the design meet perfectly. And a border design which went around a corner — forget it (I still don’t like these AT ALL!). But sometimes you cannot avoid having to makeRead more

How to Stitch Needlepoint

June 13, 2016Beginning Needlepoint, Stitches Standard

To learn how to do needlepoint, you should begin by learning Tent Stitch, the basic needlepoint stitch. It covers one intersection of thread, slanting from upper right to lower left (/). All three kinds of Tent Stitch: Half Cross, Continental, and Basketweave look the same from the front but look different from the back. AlthoughRead more

Stash-busting Strategies

A basic of needlepoint is “Where there is a stitcher, there will be stash.” Another is “Where there is stash, there will be a need to use it.” Combine these two and you get a constant need for creative ways to get that stash under control. In this Basics Needlepoint article you’ll find lots ofRead more

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