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copyright Napa Needlepoint

copyright Napa Needlepoint

Have a Question about Needlepoint?

Are you looking for a particular product?
Are you stumped by a technique?
Are you looking for great ideas for stitching or finishing?
Do you wonder how to do a stitch?

Wonder no more.

Through Ask Janet, my free question and answer service you’ll get your questions answered quickly by someone who has been doing needlepoint for over 45 years.

I remember those old canvases, threads, and designers. I’ve probably tried those techniques. And because I know the current needlepoint market, I’ll know what is available currently that will work for you.

I’ll even give you suggestions for where to find products and information.

Most questions are answered in less than 2 business days. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll tell you and, unlike many services, I’ll give you suggestions for where to look.

Use the contact form on below to ask your question. Just put your question in the comments box. If you need more space, fill out the form more than once.

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