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Scotch Stitch

July 15, 2016Stitches Standard

Scotch Stitch is one of the three basic block stitches. It consists of at least five stitches creating a square, like this: You can vary this stitch in so many ways. You can make it bigger: You can put it into a frame of Continental Stitches, creating Framed Scotch Stitch. You can divide up someRead more

Adapting Stained Glass to Needlepoint

July 14, 2016Adaptation Standard

In this needlepoint instruction, you’ll learn how easy it is to adapt stained glass patterns to needlepoint. Not only are these patterns perfect to adapt, available in all kinds of styles; they are easy to find and inexpensive. I’ve been stitching needlepoint from stained glass patterns for over 35 years and I never tire ofRead more

How to Stitch Bargello Needlepoint

Bargello Needlepoint is almost always made from straight stitches going over a number of threads, usually four. Thee pattern is made by proceeding in steps up a usually a fixed number of threads. More than one stitch can be on the same step, making a horizontal line of stitches. To make a Bargello stitch bringRead more

Straight Gobelin

July 14, 2016Stitches Standard

Gobelin Stitch is the family name for needlepoint stitches which are longer than one thread and are not part of Cross or Box Stitches. They can be upright, Straight Gobelin, slanted on the true diagonal, Diagonal Gobelin, or, slanted along another diagonal, making an oblique stitch. Straight Gobelin can be any length you like asRead more

Thread Notebook

July 14, 2016Threads Standard

A useful tool you can make yourself is a needlepoint thread directory. This notebook becomes a kind of “book of all knowledge” and reference for information about the threads you use. For each thread you should have a page or half page. Include on it, the name of the thread, the fiber content, the type,Read more