Thick Silk/Wool Blends

June 9, 2016Threads Standard

Needlepoint threads and luxury are not often terms you put together in the same sentence, But with thicker silk/wool blends, it’s the phrase which comes to mind. These threads are so soft and so smooth, that they are positively addicting — you almost want to keep one close to pet it!

Combining silk and wool into one thread provides a number of benefits. Since both are animal fibers, they take similar dyes, so you get colors which have the brilliance of silk combined with the strength of wool as a fiber. They have lots of loft making them outstanding for that rich look so characteristic of needlepoint.

Many of the silk/wool blends out there are crewel weight threads, but The Thread Gatherer, Brown Paper Packages, Rainbow Gallery, & More, and Dinky Dyes, all make a fatter thread, suitable for virtually all kinds of needlepoint.

Most of these needlepoint threads are a 50/50 blend of silk and wool and work on canvas meshes from 13 to 18. On 13 & 14 mesh they provide good coverage and work well with other threads (I’m doing a piece right now which combines them with tapestry wool in Tent Stitch). They are perfect on 13 mesh. They work excellently in textured stitches on 18 or as Tent Stitch where you want the stitching to look full.

Brown Paper Packages makes the popular Silk & Ivory Thread. This thread comes in over 200 colors with four more added each quarter. The thread is available in 28.8 yard skeins, 300 yard half hanks, and 600 yard hanks. The thread is widely available.

One thing I love about this thread is the selection of pale “almost white” colors. These needlepoint threads have just a hint of color. They make perfect backgrounds to set off the colors and stitching of your focal point.

They also make Trio in the same colors. Trio is three strands of Silk & Ivory loosely twisted together. This thread works beautifully for larger mesh sizes. Use two ply on 12 or 13 mesh, and three ply on 10. I also find that its slightly thinner diameter is easier to use for Tent on 18 mesh.

Rainbow Gallery makes Silk and Cream, one of their Backgrounds line of thread. Like many of their threads, it comes on cards with 20 yards on a card. Currently there are around 30 colors. Any shop which carries Rainbow Gallery Threads can order this thread for you.

& More makes Merino Silk, a blend of 75% Merino Wool and 25% silk. It comes in 31 colors.

Dinky Dyes makes a slightly softer silk/wool blend, Jumbuck, that is similar in size to Silk & Ivory. Being hand-dyed the colors are semi-solid.

Two companies, Planet Earth Fibers and Vineyard Silks make 100% silk threads in this thickness. They are my go-to threads.

This type of needlepoint thread is fast becoming a standard for stitching. They are easy to use, look beautiful when stitched, feel wonderful, and work on many sizes of canvas. Whether you are just beginning needlepoint or have been stitching for a long time, you’ll love these threads.