Ming Stitch

June 8, 2016Stitches Standard

Ming Stitch is one of the easiest and most versitile stitches for needlepoint. I first learned about it from one of Brenda Hart’s books. I love it because its oval shape is unusual, and, because it’s rounded, works really well with round focal points.

Here are two versions. Ming is oriented so it creates columns of stitches

Ming needlepoint stitch diagram

Ming Stitch, copyright Napa Needlepoint

But you can also turn it on its side and have it make rows instead of columns.

horizontal Ming stitch for needlepoint

Horizontal Ming Stitch, copright Napa Needlepoint

I often think of it as looking like honeycombs, so think of how great it would be as a background for flowers in a honey color. I also love it in oriental blues of celadon greens as a background.

You can very it easily by making it bigger of smaller, or by putting lines of open canvas between each stitch. In short it’s a great stitch for needlepoint.