Foam Box Ornaments

June 8, 2016Christmas, Finishing Standard

Looking for a unique way to finish Christmas needlepoint ornaments? If the stitching is square or rectangular, why not finish them as boxes.

I originally saw this at Needlepoint, Inc, a San Francisco shop, where it was used to finish little flag ornaments.

They were finished as rectangles about 1/2″ thick, with fabric for the sides and back, and cording around the sides. The weren’t stuffed, but probably finished over blocks of foam. The fabrics were glitzy, but didn’t overwhelm the graphic simplicity of the flags.

But you could use it for all kinds of designs.

Why not stitch 2” squares trying out different stitches and then finish them with matching fabrics and ties the whole thing with a wired ribbon bow, making a package. Put the hanger on the short side so the stitching shows.

Or instead of making a stuffed ornament, try this for any rectangular design, like the small Tish missions from Sundance.

And many free designs are squares, diamonds, or rectangles — try finishing them this way.
oam Box Ornaments