Christmas Needlepoint Decorating Ideas

June 8, 2016Christmas Standard

Christmas needlepoint doesn’t have to be limited to the stockings hung by your chimney or even to lovingly stitched ornaments on your tree.

Because of my passion for needlepoint ornaments I have lots of ornaments to use in interesting ways.

Here are some ideas:

Ornament from an Outside Light

needlepoint hanging from protected porch light

needlepoint on outside porch light, copyright Napa Needlepoint

Do you have a covered and protected porch? Why not hang an ornament from a wall-mounted porch light. It makes such a pretty welcome.

Or add some ornaments to a wreath. I always say I’m going to do this, but don’t, probably because with a double door the wreaths are a bit small. I’ll do it next year.

Do you have a bulletin board? Cover it with wrapping paper and then hang mini-socks or ornaments from it and you can have Christmas anywhere (thanks to my daughter for this idea).

Ornaments in Bowls & Buckets

needlepoint ornament in silver bowl

Needlepoint adds a special touch to a bowl of glass ball ornaments

A pretty bowl can be filled with colored balls and then a needlepoint ornament or two can be added on top.

You can also do the same thing to a bucket filled with pine cones.

Ornament from Light, Doorknob, or Drawer Pull

needlepoint ornament decorating table lamp

needlepoint ornament decorating a table lamp, copyright Napa Needslepoint

Lamps with plain bases can be accented by ornaments, as can cabinet fronts, door knobs and other places in your home.

You can decorate interior hooks,lights, and knobs with needlepoint.

Decorated Garlands

Christmas garland decorated with needlepoint mini-socks

garland decorated with needlepoint mini-socks, copyright Napa Needlepoint

If you have railings, why not add garlands to them and put a collection of needlepoint ornaments on them? We do this with all my mini-socks and it is is much fun. Adding the garland makes it feel like Christmas. By using an artificial garland we can keep it from year to year.

This year, think outside the usual to create and use your Christmas needlepoint.